• This Ladder is mainly constructed from high tensile aluminum alloy.
  • It is easily movable anywhere by a two person as it is provided with a pair of handles along with a fixed M.S. basement and P.P. wheels.
  • It is strong, durable, long lasting and meant for industrial purpose.

Technical features

  • This ladder is provided with solid P.P. wheels, mild steel channel basement, axel for gravity, safety platform with M.S. railings and high cage, for workers safety.
  • It is provided with 2 side handles on both the sides to make it easily movable by two person.


  • You can get different sizes from minimum 8 ft (2.44 mts) closed height X 14 Ft (4.27 mts) extendable height and maximum up to 20 ft. (6.10 mts.) closed height X 35 ft. (10.67 mts.) extendable height in single extension.


  • This ladder can be used in Colonies, Estates, Factories, Gardens, Universities, Hotels and Textile Mills.