• A product mainly constructed from high tensile aluminum alloy.
  • It can simply be used against the support of the wall.
  • It is Strong, Durable, Long lasting & Light in weight.
  • This ladder can be carried/handled/used by a single person easily.

Technical features

  • This ladder is made of complete aluminum fittings and no other metal has been used in its construction. (Totally Free from Rusting and Deterioration)
  • It is provided with solid rubber shoes at the top and at the bottom to make it slip resistant and avoid scratches on the floors and walls.
  • This ladder is made out of round corrugated step as well as flat corrugated step fitted 12" apart from center to center with side 'C' sectionof size 2.5/8 X 1.1/4.


  • This ladder is available in different sizes from minimum 6 ft (1.83 mts.) height to maximum 20 ft (6.10 mts.) height.
  • This ladder is available in different qualities. (Our sales persons would give you better information regarding the available quality if you have any queries regarding the suitable quality as per your requirement).
  • We provide you with a wide variety of choice with different sizes of step.
  • This ladder is available in round corrugated step as well as in flat serrated step.

Extra Fitting

  • Safety Hooks
  • Hand Rails


  • This ladder is suitable for commercial use and mainly used in shops and houses for climbing on lofts.