We are among the leading manufacturers of ladders in Aluminium & Fiberglass.

We manufacture: Aluminium Single and Folding Ladders, Fiber glass Single and Folding Ladder, Aluminium Tower Ladders, Aluminium Trolley Wheeled Ladders, Aluminium Telescopic Fixed and Tilting Tower Ladders, Rope Ladders and Marine Gangway.

We also manufacture:

  • Janaza - Muslim Dead Body Carrier
  • Patla - Muslim Dead Body Bathing Platform.

Step Up Ladder Manufacturing Company has been well known for many years. We have always been a small, hometown business where service and quality is our working motto. Since the early days of this company we have continually built a high end product. Our desire is not to be as good as the other brands names; we strive to be better than the best! We have been successful in satisfying our customers from housewives to businessmen, from limited companies to government companies. We have dealers in most of the major cities of India. If there is not one located near you, we will be happy to serve you directly.

Step Up Ladder is a state-of-the-art fully integrated manufacturer and distributor of aluminum, Fiberglass and wood climbing products. Control on every step of the manufacturing process ensures quality and allows flexibility to serve the needs/purpose of our customers. Our products are backed by years of experience in product design, testing and evaluation of our products.

All " MARCO® " products are designed and manufactured with a GOAL to build the safest climbing equipment with high standards. Years of experience have gone into evaluation of design and development of each of " MARCO® " brand products.

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