• This ladder is mainly constructed from high tensile aluminum alloy.
  • It can simply be used against the support of the wall.
  • It is light in weight and can be used/carried by a single person easily.
  • It requires a space of maximum 3" when kept folded.
  • Itís a good space saver.
Technical features
  • The steps are joined with the side sections by means of a mild steel fitting (zinc coated) which makes it flexible to open and close the ladder.
  • The ladder is provided with locking system which can be hooked on the rung of the ladder making it sturdy when in use.
  • It is provided with solid non-skid rubber shoes at the top and at the bottom to avoid scratches on the walls and on the floors respectively. These solid non-skid rubber shoes minimize the risk of slipping and thus making it safe when in use.
  • The size of the step is standard and fixed at 12" each and the distance between each step is also 12" each.
  • This ladder is available in flat serrated step.
  • You can get different sizes from minimum 6 ft (1.83 mts) to maximum 12 ft (3.66 mts).
  • Mainly used in small shops and stores who have a space constrain.
  • This ladder is ideal for people looking for a space saving ladder.