Identify All Potential Uses

Before purchasing a ladder, consider the work being performed. This will help you in your selection if you know all your potential uses of the product. It is the first step to a safer environment if you are using the correct tool for the right job.

Following are the type of material used in the construction of the ladders and utility features which can help you choose a ladder as per your requirement :-


  • Designed and tested to meet specific load requirements.
  • Moisture resistant and non-corrosive.
  • Comparatively light in weight.
  • Conducts heat and electricity and should not be used in areas where the above conditions exist.


  • Designed of continuous strands of glass fiber and glass matt to form I-Beam or channel shapes.
  • Used with aluminum rungs to satisfy load and strength requirements.
  • A non-conductor of heat and electricity.
  • Resists corrosion.
  • Moisture resistant.


  • Economical as budget and price is concerned.
  • Electrically Non-Conductive when Clean & Dry and ideal for electrical use.